Well, it’s Sunday night and I am sitting here planning for the week ahead.  I find myself wondering how many of you actually schedule and plan out your entire week.
So many of you have been asking me how I find the time to run my health coaching business, continually launch programs, stay active in my ladies’ groups, keep up with my children, exercise regularly (sometimes training for half marathons), sit down for dinner almost every night with my husband and still have time for myself.

How do I get it all done??

I plan for success by writing  my meal plan and weekly schedule out every Sunday

A trick I learned when my kids were young was to sit down on Sunday and plan my week.

I base everything on this plan to stay on track.

First, I plan my meals and snacks.  I shop for the groceries I need and do as much prepping as I can for the week.  I chop up veggies for salads, cook a large batch of quinoa for breakfasts and to add to soups and salads, cook large batches of veggies for sides and cook meat for my husband’s meals all week and portion out as many meals as possible.

In the past, I would work late and then have to go out to eat or eat the quickest thing I could grab when I got home which often was not healthy.  Now if something comes up, I’m prepared with meals I’ve already cooked or have ready to cook very quickly.  This makes eating healthy so much easier!

While I’m at it, I also plan my workouts and events in the same journal and plan my bedtimes accordingly.  This helps me stay accountable and makes sure I remember all of the many upcoming events so that I can plan appropriately.  And in fact, I even schedule ME time!

Does this sound familiar?
  • Your boss schedules a last-minute meeting at 5:00, so you are late getting home, you are starving and you grab the quickest thing you can find or stop at a drive-through for dinner.
  • You plan a morning workout but forget about it until slip under the covers after midnight and you hit the snooze the next morning so that you never make it to the workout.
  • You never seem to get to take that Epson salt bath with lavender that you’re craving.
  • You feel exhausted all of the time because you’re not getting enough sleep and you feel overwhelmed.
  • Your health and fitness goals are the first things that are given up when you have too many things happening to do everything.

If you’re like me, you are always being pulled in multiple directions and that can make it hard to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Keeping a calendar/journal for my work, meal plans, fitness activities, social activities and even my bedtimes allows me to prioritize and fit in everything that is important to me.  My health is at the top of the list, so I am able to nourish my body properly and stay healthy which gives me the energy to do the other things I love to do!

You might think this prevents me from being spontaneous, but it is actually the opposite.  Since I know exactly what I have planned, I can make a split second decision about adding in a visit with a friend or deciding to drop everything to go see a movie.

So try it!  Get a journal and find out how much you can improve the quality of your life when YOU plan for success!!

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