Eat to Prevent ... or 

Even Reverse Diabetes

When: Wednesday, April 19th       7:30 - 9:30 pm

Where: Evolution Fitness Boca Raton

9793 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434

This workshop is for you if you are ...
  • Pre-diabetic. Has your doctor told you that you are pre-diabetic and that something needs to change - fast?
  • Predisposed. Does diabetes run in your family?
  • Diabetic. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes?  Maybe you just found out, or maybe it's been years.  Either way, I'm sure you are interested in learning how to better manage or even work toward reversing your diabetes.
  • Desiring longevity & quality of life.  Are you worried you are not going to be around for your loved ones?  Or maybe you want to ensure that you not only are around longer, but that you are able to enjoy playing with your children or grandchildren.

Space is very limited. Save your seat now!

I have a question for you:

  • Have you ever watched a loved one struggle with managing their diabetes and you want to avoid their pain at all costs?
  • Is your neuropathy getting worse and you're afraid of additional complications?
  • Are you tired of the additional weight gain around your middle and worried it could contribute to heart problems?
  • Or have you ever wondered if there is a more holistic approach to managing your diabetes?

If so, you should definitely join me at the Eat to Prevent... or Even Reverse Diabetes Workshop!

Space is very limited. Save your seat now!

In the Workshop You Will Discover:

Simple Lifestyle Changes

Learn simple lifestyle changes anybody can make today to prevent or improve your health.

Making Smart Choices

I'm sure you may have heard what foods you should be eating, but I'll teach you exactly how to choose the best foods that you can easily adapt to your daily routine.  We'll even go over what foods you MUST stay away from and what foods are the BEST choices.

Delicious Cooking Demo & Samples

I will demonstrate how easy it is to prepare delicious, healthy meals. And the "proof will be in the pudding"... you'll be my taste testers! You'll leave with some diabetes-friendly recipes that even someone with the busiest of schedules can quickly prepare. 

Diabetes Overview

Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you!  But I want you to know the facts.  I will give you a brief but informative overview of diabetes.

Space is very limited. Save your seat now!

This workshop is NOT  for you if...
  • You should not attend this workshop if you are not immediately improving the quality of your health
  • This workshop is definitely not for you if you are not willing to commit to establishing new habits.
  • And finally, this workshop is not for you if you are happy with just living and getting by day-to-day instead of feeling your absolute best.

If you're still with me and ready for a change, register now!

About the Host: Susan Holsapple

I’m Susan Holsapple, Founder and CEO of Wellness with Susan.  I believe that most illness and disease begins in the gut and that everyone has the right to know how changes to their diet and lifestyle can help prevent illness and disease. As a Functional Nutrition Coach, I work with busy professional women by partnering with them to educate them, help them design the nutrition and lifestyle changes that work uniquely for them, support them in the healing path they choose and hold them accountable to achieve their optimal health.