Corporate Wellness Programs


Employee Wellness Programs are a hot topic right now. With incentives in the Affordable Care Act, companies across the country are discovering that preventative health is the best approach to fewer sick days, higher productivity, improved morale and work quality.

There are clear benefits when companies implement an employee wellness program.

I’m here to support your employees in achieving and maintaining wellness through programs including effective results-oriented Corporate Wellness Workshops.

The result?

Improved wellness for your employees and an improved bottom line for the company.


My workshops are fun and engaging. We work in small groups for an hour at a time for several weeks in a row. The topics and program are designed specifically for the needs of the company and determined during my initial Needs Assessment Interview.

Workshop Topics:

  • How to Not Get Sick: Build a Super Immunity
  • How to Stoke your Energy and Amp up your Performance
  • Eating on the Go: A Guide for Healthy Eating While Traveling
  • Are you a Sugar Addict: Understanding and Ditching Sugar Addiction

Sample Workshop Program Description

How to Not Get Sick: Building a Super Immunity

This presentation teaches cutting edge information on going beyond hand-washing and covering your sneezes.

You will learn –

  • The Importance of Gut Health in Weight Management and a step-by-step process to keep it healthy
  • How to Manage Stress effectively through nutrition
  • How Toxins can set you up for serious illness and what can you do to prevent it
  • 5 ways to build a Super Immunity. Fend off not only cold and flu but serious life threatening diseases

All employees will receive:

  • Handouts and Activity Sheets
  • Healthy Recipes on the Go
  • A Free individual one-on-one Health Consultation

Other Corporate Wellness Services:

  • Lunch & Learn Presentations
  • Executive Coaching – private personalized functional nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • “Coach for a Day” Program – one day a month spent on-site individually coaching select employees towards their health & wellness goals
  • Corporate Wellness Fairs

I’m sure you have questions in mind and want to choose the right wellness program for your employees based on your work culture and their lifestyle.

Use the contact form below and write me a short message about your company’s wellness challenges and desired results.